We are constantly developing new boards and technology to ensure that our Models become more and more realistic and interactive. In addition to our boards we use motorization, monitors, remote controls, touch indicators and a lot of other stuff to make our customer´s dream come true.


Models dont need to be static objects in display cases.
DETAILING But it takes more than just electronics to get the look of a studio model... From adding details to achieve the look of the studio model to superdetailing - we do everything to push the kits to their maximum. WEATHERING And then it needs the final touch... Dirt and damages are an important part to give models the look of an old age - and we use all known weathering methods to achieve this. LIGHTING TECHNIQUES Too much is too much... Like with any other modelling technique; if you do too much,
it destroys the overall-look of the model. So we try to use lighting as a decent, but powerful tool to bring the build closer to the original. MOTORIZATION In science fiction modelling motorizations are rare - but when implemented, it always has an impressive effect! THRUSTER EFFECTS Our engine effects are all completely random generated - This makes it possible for use many of them to run next to each other and still keep their own unique thruster pattern.